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The problems we have identified

Current learning management systems are not designed to personalize the learning experience for each user. A static content publisher assumes that all learners progress at the same pace and this puts a limit on 2 critical components:

1. The boundaries we can push on analytics driven learning

2. The dynamic construction of learning paths for students based on their performance.

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The core concepts of outcome driven content design and learning model cycles are not deeply integrated into the technology development process of current learning systems and the ability to track learners’ progress based on their performance for different learning outcomes in different cycles of the learning model is required to give meaningful feedback.

Current learning systems are built like enterprise applications with a focus on coupling different functionalities required in learning environments. There is no focus on the science of how we interact with learning resources and designing the right user experience that allows learners to navigate in a structured and intuitive way.

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The Clock Solution

  • Adaptive technology that enables personalized and self paced learning
  • Feedback that bolsters students’ growth
  • User experience designed for learners and teachers

At Clock, We have partnered with the African leadership university and several other forward thinking institutions on the continent to build a suite of learning tools that are required for the learning environments of the future.

These tools are learning model agnostic designed to be loosely coupled with a great user experience that is built around the critical concepts of edtech needed for educators to deliver a more personalized learning experience and deeply understand student performance across different phases of the learning model.

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Technical Advantages

Technology Built For Africa

Our technology has been built with a big focus on user experience and data compression. Clock’s user experience is intuitive and dynamically adapts to learner performance.

Integration to 3rd Party Platforms

Clock’s tools are deeply integrated into the productivity tools we use in our day-to-day activities including Khan Academy,Microsoft Office, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google hangouts,classroom and many more. Our content publishing module has been built to be very extensible and dynamic when integrating with 3rd party tools.

Our Analytics Engine

We have successfully created an interactive and engaging learning experience and centralized all objects into one interactive page. This allows us to build a powerful analytics engine that is driven by user interactions with a single view.

Built To Scale

Our technology has been built to allow institutions scale across different campuses without compromising on the quality of education. The admin panel allows our clients to set up a campus and assign different levels of permissions to learners and educators in a few minutes with no technical assistance. This helps to keep the standard of education uniform across campuses all over the continent by centralizing the core content and keeping all learning resources in sync across different campuses

Easy Content Migration

We have made it very easy to migrate content to our platform. We have built our technology with 3rd party content integration at the core of the system. Our platform supports all content types currently used by educators and teachers all over the world. Unlike other learning systems that focus more on downloading content, we have built an advanced content viewer that supports all content types which gives us more control on how learners interact with resources.

3rd Party Authentication Support

Clock's Systems have been designed to seamlessly synchronize users between 3rd party platforms without affecting the user experience on the platform. We also develop custom modules for clients with special requests.

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Fred Swaniker

Founder and CEO,
African Leadership University

Chris Bradford

Founder and CEO,
African Leadership Academy

Alim Ladha

Founder and CEO,
Instill Education

Harish Subramanian

Edtech Expert

Chinezi Chijioke

Founder and CEO,
Pioneer Academies

Research Partners and Clients

Why the name "Clock"

“In any given instance of a learning journey, It is very important we understand the relationship between time,activity and performance in order for us to construct remedial learning paths based on personalized diagnosis.This also allows instructors provide meaningful and constructive feedback to learners. A Clock is used to keep track of time, at the same time reminding me of activities I should be doing to improve my knowledge and performance on any given topic making it relatable to learning.” -- Kola Olajide

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